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Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking for Over 18 Years
Serving Lake Oswego, Lake Grove, West Linn and someTigard
Antics Pet Care Services and Fees

Our professional pet care services are as follows:

A free initial consultation to meet your pets, discuss any special needs, and to review contracts.

Rates per Mid-day Visit

$25 per visit, which will include either a 30 minute neighborhood dog walk or 30 minute play/cuddling time at home with a potty break.  All walks require leashes. Any request for off-leash sessions require a signed waiver to release Antics Pet Care of liability.

$25 per 30 minute visit for cats will include food/water provision, cleaning litter box, and play/cuddling time.

$27 per visit for evening/early morning visits (8pm to 8am).

Rates per Vacation Visits
Overnights: call for 

$25 per 30 minute visit will include:

  • Neighborhood walk or play time
  • Providing fresh water and food
  • Cleaning of feeding areas and bowls
  • Scooping litter box and changing litter
  • Medicating (if needed)
  • Cleaning up any accidents
  • Changing lights and curtains
  • Taking out/bringing in trash and recycle bins
  • Turning TV’s and radios on and off
  • Taking in mail, packages and newspapers

Rates for Dog Walks

$25 for a 30 minute walk for up to 2 dogs.

$50 for a park walk excursion with up to 2 dogs. (60 minute walking time)

Park excursions may be done at Lushers Farm, Tryon Creek Park, George Rogers Park or any nearby neighborhood park of owner’s choice. Off leash parks may be used for more sociable dogs and with a signed waiver permitting the dog to be off-leash.

Rates for Puppy Sessions and Adult Refresher Sessions

Note:This type of service requires a minimum of 45 minutes to one hour to achieve our goals. If a puppy does not have the proper attention span, rates will be adjusted accordingly. 

$45 for 45 minutes

$55 for one hour

Additional Fees

$25 extra for Holidays (actual day)

$15 extra for visits not scheduled in advance (less than 24 hours notice)

Owner will be charged for the visit/walk if canceled without 24 hour notice

Custom Services

I know that your pet’s personal needs are very important so feel free to call to discuss rates and schedule any specialized services desired, which may include Pet Taxi, Dog Wash, or any other services agreed upon.