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A Little Bit About Myself...


Please welcome Sian Laird, my new associate who will be handling most of the West Linn based clients, as well as serving as my backup in times of need. She has worked many years as a Veterinary Technician and volunteers/fosters for various animal rescue groups, to include the Cat Adoption Team in Oregon.

           Y name is Jane Accardo and I am the sole owner of Antics Pet  Care Fun at the Dog Park.   

 I was born and raised in Oregon and attended both Lewis and Clark College and Willamette University, receiving my BS  from the latter in 1979. I worked for many years in the food industry before I decided to start my family and spend eight  years living overseas and in Massachusetts and Texas. Upon returning home to Oregon, I decided it was time to focus on my true love in life: dogs.

I began part time in early 2000 helping another pet sitter and by January of 2001 it was time to completely devote myself to my own work as a pet sitter and dog walker. When trying to find a meaningful name for my new full-time venture, I came up with merging the names of my now deceased greyhounds: Annie and Ticket. Thus, the name AnTic's . I also found this word to be very descriptive of this profession!

When I rescued my first two greyhounds,  I became involved with Greyhound Pet Adoption NW (formerly Greyhound Pets of America NW), serving on the Track Liaison Committee, assisting in the adoption program, and walking and washing the kennel greyhounds. Currently, I serve as their Contact Triage Volunteer, the first and main point of contact for the group. From then on, I have opened my heart and home to many greyhounds. I have also rescued three German Shepherds, adopting two for myself and re-homing a girl with my sister and a young male with a retired couple in Montana. 
Currently, I have two sweet but devilish fur-kids;  Ness, my greyhound and Biscuit, a yellow lab. I also have my farm kitty that lives at my doorstep and brings me mice on a regular basis (my dogs are not too thrilled with this arrangement).

My most recent animal cause is for the Galgos of Spain. These are Spanish hunting dogs much like a greyhound. They suffer a horrible fate. I have traveled to Scooby Medina, a sanctuary that rescues, saves and re-homes these beautiful dogs. At times there are over 500 galgos in need of food and medical care at Scooby. I not only donate money, but my time to volunteer my help for this amazing group. Please check them out to learn more at: www.scoobymedina.org.

Life for me wouldn't be complete without the companionship of my dogs and it is my desire to do whatever I can to help any animal in need and to spend time helping improve the quality of life for all pets. It would be my pleasure to get to know and care for yours!  

Kai, Bandit and Me
Wonderful Rescue Organizations that I Support: